USA Custom Guitars’ is a Veteran owned and run Guitar and Bass body and neck manufacturer based in the USA.  Our mission is simple; provide the best quality products made of the best quality woods and provide exceptional service to all of our clients whether you are ordering a single neck from our Custom Shop, or 1000 from our Large Run OEM Division.  We stay true to our tone formulas and wood choices, pairing modern technology with old world craftsmanship to create great playing and sounding instruments.


USACG was formed in 2000 by a small group of individuals who were working in various facets of the industry.  Their mission was simple actually, build great parts and provide better service than the competition. It worked!  

Now heading to our 20th year in business the simple philosophy that started USA Custom Guitars is still alive and well; great parts, great service and a love of music!  Music is what drives us – it is our motivation and inspiration. Supplying the people that make that music with the best necks and bodies is what we strive for each and every day.  It’s why we say #welovewhatwedo!

In 2018 USACG completed a $500,000 upgrade and expansion.  We reformatted our shop footprint and processes, invested in new machinery, upgraded capabilities and expanded our team.  We implemented more QA control points and implemented a queue control system so we never get so busy that our wait times become a hindrance.

Today USACG serves thousands of clients across its 4 divisions; Consumer Products, OEM Small and Medium Run, OEM Large Run, and OEM Full Build Services.  We look forward to serving you!