For the better part of our existence we have offered finishing as a service.  In the early days we had our own paint shop, but for the last 5 years or so that hasn’t been the case.

We have continued to offer finishing BUT as many of you have noticed our pricing (due to low volumes of the same finish) is basically the same as you can get on the street.  So we aren’t really doing you any good by offering it.

Effective June 1st 2017 we will no long offer finishing BUT we will drop ship to any finisher you choose for you.  If you aren’t sure who to use, we have compiled a list of a few of the companies that we trust.  They are good people, great finishers, and can probably do better on the pricing for you than we can.   While we would love to have a paint shop and just paint all day for you for free we just cant lol.

MJT Aged Guitar Finishes (Carthage, MO)

Pat Wilkins (Van Nuys, CA)

NOTE:  For our OEM clients we will still offer finishing (its way easier to get good pricing when we are doing 20 nitro finished black bodies w/20 satin finished necks than doing 1 pink and purple dyed top with a 2 inch burst, masked binding and reverse fade on the back) ?