It’s Wood

If you have been reading our posts here you probably know that we try to infuse some humor at times when discussing issues. But it’s always good for us to take a step back and try to realize why we are asked some of the questions we get; or why a specific idea is floating around out there. In general I think we could probably place most of the blame on “too much” information on the interwebs. We don’t claim to be THE expert, but when you deal with as much wood as we do, and build as many necks and bodies as we do, you gain a good amount of perspective.

By covering some of the topics we discuss we are simply trying to clear some of the fog. Eliminate some of the misconceptions and misinformation and give it to you straight while tossing a bit of humor in here and there. If you don’t like it please don’t send us nasty notes about our dogs or threaten our hamsters. It’s really uncalled for!

So, onto today’s topic: WOOD. Something we care deeply about here at USACG. Also something that seems to create rifts as big as the one between our two political parties today.

We get funny questions about weight, color, why we “make our wood that way” (we love that one) and many conversations explaining why that swamp ash body in our inventory doesn’t have the correct grain patterns and therefore it must be Saskatookie Wingding Oilybird wood which is illegal in Uzbekistan where he is from and he is going to have to take it into customs custody. Okay, we made that last one up…but the truth is:

It’s WOOD.

Its weight is never consistent.

Its colors can vary wildly.

Its grain patterns can change drastically in the same board.

And here is the thing….we have zero control over it! To be honest, that’s what we love about it, right?!

The fact that the back of your maple neck doesn’t look just like the guys neck on the other side of the stage from you…your flame maple top looks different that the one you just saw at Daves Dinky Doodads and Geetars…that’s what makes building and playing so much fun! Embrace it, enjoy it and try not to be too anal retentive about it…we’ve heard that can cause ulcers, or hemorrhoids…we don’t remember which.

Remember it used to be a tree in the forest. Bears have scratched their butts on it. Bees have nested in it. Sasquatch has eaten its bark, its been rained on, tossed about by the winds and now you have given it new life as a musical instrument. Give it a little kiss, it wants you to be happy.