Nut Installation

We get many requests to install nuts on our necks. While we understand the angst that a nut installation entails, we also know that you don’t want us installing it. Why? you ask. Well, it just so happens that installing it in the beginning is the wrong time!

Ask any guitar repair guy or luthier or builder exactly when they install the nut and most will tell you it’s about as close to the last thing as it can be, and many swear it IS the last thing you want to do. The reason is pretty simple actually. The height of the nut, the string positioning on the nut and (most important) the desires of the player are all related to the setup of the instrument as a whole. The bridge that you ultimately choose, the depth of your neck pocket and any angles you may have put in or are adding via shims will all dictate where you begin on the nut. To do the nut first makes assumptions, and you don’t want to base such an important part of your new guitar on assumptions.